Turning 50 got me pole dancing and thinking about the future

If you haven’t reached this milestone yet, you’ll be there before you know it. The way time is flying, 40 seems like yesterday, and no doubt, the next 10 years will be gone in a flash. Do you know what I mean?

With that in mind, and after almost 35 years in business, working closely with business owners, I’ve decided to create the Leon’rdo Project, to support business owners for the next 35 years and beyond.

In many ways, this is a legacy project, for my children and grandchildren, and it’s for your children and grandchildren too, if they will be benefiting from the success of your business, learning from the success of your business, or running your business, decades from now.

I truly believe that supporting businesses is important, not just for you and your family, but for the economy and society as a whole.

By working together, to give businesses the advice, tools and support they need to succeed, we can create a better world for everyone, for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

So what is the Leon’rdo project?

You can read more about our BHAG here, but in a nutshell:

Through the Leon’rdo Project, we’ll use A.I. technology, Internet-based tools, and an inbound sales approach to inform, educate and support reputable businesses.

We’ll be partnering with like-minded business people and with organisations that share the same values as we do, focused on helping consumers make the right buying decisions, by sharing unbiased advice and informative, actionable content.

For businesses that require hands-on support, online tools or guided training, we’ll provide a suite of services to support their growth and continued success.

The Leon’rdo Project is about empowering consumers and businesses, so that informed decisions can be made, for a better, more supportive tomorrow.

Here’s to the next milestone in your business and life!


PS. Learn more about our mission on our BHAG page.

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