A Small Team with a BHAG Dream

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 reputable businesses grow, by 2032!

Introducing The Leonrdo Project!

After more than 30 years, of working to support sole traders, small businesses and large organisations with all aspects of advertising, marketing and sales, I am excited to launch our new project.

At the time of launch, June 2022, I am also excited to share with you, our 10-Year BHAG: (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

To Help 1,000,000 reputable businesses grow, by 2032!

Here’s why we’re doing this…

We know how hard it can be at times, running your business or working in a business through the good times and bad, which is why we’re passionate about supporting reputable businesses.

Ultimately, we want to positively impact the lives of business owners, their employees & the families of everyone who will benefit from growing more successful & more profitable independently-owned businesses.

To achieve our BHAG, we plan to build a global network of at least 1,000 like-minded business partners, consultants, coaches and organisations that are as dedicated as we are, to helping and supporting hard-working business teams.

If you’d like to join our mission, please let us know!

Leonardo Wood

Meet The Team


Inbound Consultant


Social Media Manager


Content Curator


Website Management


Watch This Space!

Meet Our Friends

As you know ‘business’ can be stressful at times; our four-legged friends keep us sane!


Team Wellbeing


Mr. Serious


The ‘Copy’ Cat


The Joker


aka Trouble

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